So, you want to differentiate your business from the competition and you have identified one or more unique selling points which set you apart from the crowd. But your software is still the same, and therefore you cannot truly differentiate. You are using industry standard packages with limited or no configuration to differentiate yourself.

pareto principle

For the majority of purposes this is fine as the functionalities these packages perform are not core to your business offering. However according to the Pareto Principle, 80% of the value your customer experiences is likely to come from 20% of your software, and this is where you can make a difference.

Bespoke software is software written or customised for you, according to your business or customer needs. It is your intellectual property, and your market differentiator.

What is more you don’t need to pay licenses for this software as you own it.

Over time, as your business evolves, your software will evolve with you and drive your future success.

pareto principle

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