Business analysis is an important step in the design of a new system as it introduces a deep understanding of the business requirements, both functional (eg. features) and non functional (eg. security, performance), which can then be translated into technical solutions.

Whether clients operate in an agile or waterfall software development lifecycle (SDLC) the quality of business analysis work will have a fundamental impact on how well the solution meets the customer requirements.

When software development commences without a full understanding of the customer requirements or associated business processes then a lot of time and money is wasted developing something which is not fit for purpose.

The business analysis plays a key role throughout the project lifecycle from helping to define the scope of the problem, capturing the business requirements, helping to define the solution, and finally through to overseeing the delivery of the solution into the business environment.

Requirements elicitation
Business analysts having fun

The role is not a passive one either. A good business analyst should be inquisitive, challenge the status quo and dig beneath the specified requirements to understand the true requirements. Why do you need it to do that, why is that important and why does the current process work in that way.

Business analysis outsourcing

You may be nervous about outsourcing a knowledge area such as business analysis but the truth is that a good business analyst should be capable of gathering the information they need without prior knowledge of the subject. In addition, often a fresh viewpoint can add a lot of value as they are not bound by the ‘it was always done like that’ mindset.

We can also offer you the option to augment your existing business analysis function with analysts from Straight Line. This gives you the opportunity to flex your staffing levels quickly and easily in response to the demands from the business. Augmentation can have the added benefit of Straight Line BAs passing on industry best practice knowledge to your current team members.

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