The pace of change continues to accelerate

Once upon a time it was fine for businesses to provide the same products or services using the same processes and channels.

This is not the case now.

Advances in technology have broadened the competitive landscape with new entrants coming into and disrupting established markets. New sales channels have emerged and customer expectations have increased. The cost of innovation is now almost zero, enabled by the Internet and new hardware technologies, whilst social media has made it even easier to acquire the right knowledge and skills.

All of this means that companies must change with pace in order to maintain competitiveness, and companies who do not innovate will constantly be playing catch up.

Innovation needs to exist in every employee at all levels in the organisation and teams must be given the freedom to take risks, test ideas and learn. A culture of innovation will then emerge; resulting in hundreds of small improvements summing to a big difference. Of course some breakthrough ideas will be generated too but those should be viewed as a byproduct of a more innovative culture rather than the goal itself.

How can we be more innovative?

Any company can be innovative but it must be led from the top by example rather than based on goals or objectives. Barriers which prevent innovation must be broken down and people must feel safe to try ideas, make mistakes and learn.

We help organisations to think differently and see opportunities in the world around them.

We lead innovation workshops for groups of 10 to 50 people. These workshops are tailored around your specific requirements but are always fun, energetic and creative. The ideas sparked on the day can be built on in the weeks and months to come, and the concepts and learnings will last a lifetime. We learn best by doing so this is how we run the sessions, forcing the team out of their comfort zone to consider scenarios from very different perspectives. It is when we move our brains beyond their usual state that truly innovative thoughts occur.

Another option is an Innovation Party which is held in the evening at an informal setting. The more informal approach can relax the team and free up their inner creativity!

If you think that your organisation could benefit from an innovation event then please get in contact to discuss your requirements. Innovation days are fun, great for team bonding and very productive.

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