Preparing for Christmas often feels like a huge effort. There are so many presents to buy, cards to write, friends and family visit, food to prepare, decorations to put up…. and so much more.

Little innovations have sprung up over the past few years to make preparing for Christmas a little easier. Here are our top 5 Christmas innovations:

1. Lines on wrapping paper

How did we ever measure out the right amount of paper and cut straight without this simple but effective innovation?

Lines on wrapping paper innovation

2. Scotch® Pop-up Tape Dispenser for Gift Wrap

On the wrapping theme still, this little dispenser gives you easy access to little tabs of Scotch® tape as you wrap. Now you no longer need three hands to get those presents wrapped!

3M Scotch tape dispenser innovation

3. Mulled wine satchels

In the past we followed a recipe to make mulled wine and it took around an hour. Now you can drop a couple of bags into some red wine and you’re pretty much done. 10 minutes and you have a ‘home made’ mulled wine! Of course you can buy the pre bottled stuff but where’s the fun in that?!


4. Turkey crown

Maybe not the most recent of innovations but the turkey crown was a clever solution to the logistical nightmare of trying to fit a turkey, potatoes and stuffing in an oven together. A crown has the bones removed and is filled with delicious stuffing saving you oven space and time on Christmas Day!

A delicious turkey crown served at Christmas

5. Online shopping

Amazon and the like have transformed the Christmas present buying experience. Online supermarket shopping means you can order weeks ahead and not need to fight with the masses to buy your Christmas food and drink.

Christmas shopping is now less time consuming and stressful than ever before (but also less magical).

taking the stress out of Christmas shopping

Have a great Christmas!